Join the founder of the Holosapiens Project on a healing journey of self-discovery!


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Yana Spasova  Yana Spasova



Ever since she was a child Yana has been on the road. Originally from Bulgaria she spent her childhood years in Austria and Germany, her 20s in the USA, and her 30s in China, from where she traveled the whole Far East. She speaks 4 languages. Her nomadic life has allowed her to interact with all sorts of people and gain a spectrum of experiences and realisations, which inspired her to write the philosophical book “Waking Up to Being”.


By profession Yana is a healer. She holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is passionate about teaching TCM to medical professionals and non-medical folks around the world. She founded the Holosapiens Project in 2008 and additionally has been developing various TCM teaching programs for different student levels, currently offered in two languages. She is also a Buddhist practitioner. 



cover Yana


"Waking Up to Being" is a fairy tale about self-discovery, a thought-provoking book that challenges the status quo and invites the readers to leave their comfort zone. It is a dream-like story that combines magic realism with folklore, mysticism, mythology, Eastern spirituality, humour, and childish naivety.





Part One: The Vertical

            The Folding of Spirit   


Part Two: The Horizontal

            The Call of the Herbs

            The Physiology of the Matrix

            The Healer

            The Time Knitters

            The Half-Human

            The Human

            The World of the Gods

            The Teacher

            The Eye of the Storm: An Experience of a Student

            The Living

            The Awakening


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