To get a better understanding on how the different seasons and climatic factors affect children's health it would be helpful to review the material Acute Illnesses - The Role of the Five Elements first.



Children In The Winter   Pediatrics



  • muscle cramps
  • joint pain
  • body pain
  • headache


  • ear infections


External cold relates to the season winter. Its nature is to contract and shrink. When it invades the body through the surface external cold causes muscle cramps. These muscle cramps obstruct the free flow of blood and Qi throughout the body, which eventually will lead to headache, joint pain and other types of body pain. Thus the most typical cold symptom is pain.


The antidote to external cold attack is to warm up the child, and to improve its blood circulation with hot bath followed by a gentle massage. Sesame oil with couple of drops of lavender essential oil has great warming and moving property. Massage can be made on the child’s feet, back, shoulders, and neck or where the child has muscle cramps. After the massage the child should be covered with wool blanket to preserve the created warmth.


A typical “winter disease” is otitus – infection of the ear. Otitus is an illness more typical for children than adults - according to statistics one out of ten children has chronic ear infections. After the child turns six years of age the ear infections usually discontinue.


The winter season relates to Element Water. So do the organ Kidney and the emotion fear. Fear impairs the vitality of the Kidneys, which open into the ears (govern the ears).


Children start experiencing different types of fear (fear of the dark, fear of death, fear of abandonment) somewhere around the age of three. If the child is insecure and fear is severe the vitality of the child’s Kidneys will get disbalanced. In such cases the child may experience bed-wetting (the Urinary Bladder is the partner organ of the Kidney) or chronic ear infections (the Kidney opens into the ears). If the child has any of these symptoms the parents should search for hidden fear or insecurities. Love is the antidote of fear. The best thing a parent can do for a child that has fear is to shower it with love.



Two Women With A Child For Pediatrics


In cases of fear tonifying the vitality of the Kidney is essential. Foods such as beans (they look like little kidneys), wheat and black foods (black is the color that nourishes the Kidney) are best to use. Black foods are black rice, black sesame and blackberries.(1) Blueberries and edible sweet chestnut are also dark/black food remedies beneficial for this condition.


Appropriate acupressure point for gentle massage and local pain relief is San Jiao 17, which is located in the depression behind the lobule of the ear. Gall Bladder 44 clears heat from the ears (infections are heat symptoms).


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(1) Pitchford, Paul (2002). Healing with Whole Foods. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books


Note:  These healing methods are compiled from the author's perspective of traditional Chinese medicine and her personal experience as a parent. Nevertheless it is essential that you stay in touch with and consult your  pediatrician at all times! Please read our Disclaimer!


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