To get a better understanding on how the different seasons and climatic factors affect children's health it would be helpful to review the material Acute Illnesses - The Role of the Five Elements first.



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  • abdominal colic
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • greasy tongue
  • lack of energy


External damp relates to the season "late summer" (the second half of the summer). Besides in its season external dampness can also attack in damp climate environment. Living long term in damp environment makes one susceptible to accumulating internal dampness, which is a chronic condition. To learn more about this condition you can review the materials "Dampness in the Spleen" in the Physiology chapter. In this section we review acute attacks of external dampness only.


The nature of damp is heaviness and turbidity. Being heavy damp tends to “sink” in the lower parts of the body. Dampness is substance with volume, thus it results in abdominal colic. Dampness is excess moisture, thus it results in diarrhea.  The obstructive quality of dampness results in vomiting.


Another quality of damp is stickiness. One way to check if the child is being attacked by external dampness is to look at the coating of its tongue. Greasy and sticky tongue confirm external dampness attack.


Other signs of damp attack are lack of energy and sensation of heaviness in the body.


If the child has vomiting and diarrhea it is essential to stop them immediately in order to avoid dehydration. A good remedy used in some traditional medicines is rice water. Some white rice is cooked in water (in this case more water is added than usual). The rice is removed from the stove when it becomes soft and the cooled down rice water is offered to the child. It is actually tasty and children do not dislike it. This should alleviate the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. If not the child can continue drinking rice water until the symptoms are improved.


It is essential that the child remains hydrated at all times! Plenty of electrolyte rich drinks should be offered to the child all the times.


Sugar creates dampness. Nothing sweet should be given to the child until it is completely healed as sweets may worsen the condition.


Pears And Birds For Mat Med



Appropriate healing diet for this condition would contains orange-yellow foods and herbs as these colors harmonize the Spleen/Stomach partnership. Some yellow foods, such as pears and apricots, have moistening quality, and are appropriate for constipation. Other orange-yellow foods such as carrots and potatoes have consolidating properties and are appropriate for the case of diarrhea. Steamed or boiled carrots and potatoes can be smashed in a puree and offered to the child. Boiled corn semolina is also good for such cases. A healing desert for this condition is a baked yellow apple.


A good herb to offer a child for vomiting and diarrhea is chamomile – a gentle yellow herb with strong antibacterial properties.


After the vomiting and the diarrhea are under control chicken soup can be cooked for the child. The chicken meat is gentle on the stomach and intestines, and will boost up the child’s energy. Carrots and potatoes or a little rice may be added in the soup. Rye bread can be offered as rye drains dampness.


Appropriate acupressure points for gentle massage are Spleen 9, Stomach 40 and Ren 12, which all drain dampness. If there is fever Large Intestine 11 and Stomach 44 are added to clear the heat. Pericardium 6 is good point for nausea and vomiting. If you want to watch the instructional point location videos for these points you can do so by subscribing to the customized part of this project. To learn more click here.




Note:  These healing methods are compiled from the author's perspective of traditional Chinese medicine and her personal experience as a parent. Nevertheless it is essential that you stay in touch with and consult your  pediatrician at all times! Please read our Disclaimer!


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