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The My Bookmarks feature helps you keep track of your articles of interest. When you see the button "Add current article" you can click on it and this article will be added to your bookmarks. When you come back to the project you can simply click on any of your bookmarked articles to continue where you left off. You can also use this feature when you are conducting research on a particular condition so you have all pertaining materials organized in one easy to use list.

If you want to remove an article from your bookmarks just use the "X" button.

My Bookmarks feature is available to both guests and subscribers, however keep in mind that if you are guest your bookmarks are stored as cookies in your browser’s history. If you clear your browsing history these bookmarks will be deleted as well. If you are logged in as a subscriber your bookmarks will be permanently stored with your account and will always be available to you. You will be able to access them from another computer or device at any time.



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