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In traditional Chinese medicine negative emotions are approached not through the mental awareness but through people's vitality and bio-chemistry. Seven negative emotions such as anger, worry, sadness, fear, etc. are associated with the disharmony of a certain organ. Benefiting the organ that the emotion is associated with will also release/transform the emotion. We designed a unique tool, that after selecting the emotion one is interested in, and the accompanying physical symptoms, one will learn what foods, food combinations and acupressure points are beneficial for the organ associated with the painful emotion and through that beneficial for  releasing the painful emotion itself!    


How to use the application:



  • Please subscribe and log in with your user name and password.
  •  Once you log in the different subscription tools will be listed in the bar on the right of your screen.  Select the "Emotions" link to arrive at "Traditional Chinese Medicine as Basis for Treating Chronic Emotional Disharmony" application.
  • The application starts with listing the Seven Emotions (plus an additional one - Worry-Anxiety). Under every emotion there is a list of explandatory “sub-emotions” for clarifying purposes.
  • Select the emotion you are interested in.


Kitchen Medicine app, step one


  •   After you select an emotion you will arrive at a list with the physiological pathologies associated with it.
  •   Select all physical symptoms that pertain to the person with the painful emotion by adding a check mark next to every   symptom.
  •   Click the "Check my Condition" button and the main and secondary underlying conditions of the painful emotion will appear.
  •   Select which of the two resulting conditions is of interest to you and press its corresponding button (we suggest to select the main underlying condition first and treat the secondary condition as supplemental information).
  •   If you make a mistake or want to add additional physical symptoms press the "Reset" button.


Kitchen Medicine app, step two



  • You will arrive at the remedy page for the underlying condition you selected. Here you will find a list of foods that are healing for this pathology as well as what foods to avoid in order not to worsen it. You will also find suggestions for different food combinations of the listed foods, as well as some of the most effective acupressure points that benefit this condition. As a subscriber to our advanced and customized option you will also have access to the Acupressure Point Location Videos, thus have the tool to easily locate the acupressure points appointed.
  • As our body and emotions constantly change you can go back and start over with another emotion thus learn what foods and acupressure points are beneficial for any emotional state at any time!


Kitchen Medicine app, step three


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