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Our subscription content is intended (but not limited to) health care professionals and overall health conscious people. The purpose of the subscription content is to enable physicians, therapists, psychologists, chiropractors, dietitians, practitioners with alternative medicine background, as well as all health conscious people, to recognize and embrace TCM’s knowledge and incorporate it in their successful lives and health care practices.


TCM is a medicine that uses various treatment methods. The main treatment methods are acupuncture and herbal medicine (the prescription of Chinese herbs and herbal formulas to the patient). These can be done by trained TCM practitioners only. Chinese herbs – just like Western medications – can be toxic, have side-effects and contraindications. Acupuncture is an invasive treatment method that requires the knowledge of not only how to locate the point on the body but how to make diagnosis based on which to select the appropriate points. Making diagnosis from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine can also be done by trained TCM practitioners only. It takes years to understand, incorporate and learn how to implement the complicated different theories, concepts and principles of traditional Chinese medicine, in addition to mastering tongue and pulse diagnosis.


So what do we offer in our Project? There are two TCM treatment methods that do not require a trained TCM professional and can be accessible to anyone that is in the medical field or is simply interested: 1) acupressure and the 2) food as medicine approach.


Acupressure is the pressing of a certain point to evoke the body's healing responses. It is not invasive like acupuncture and only requires knowledge of the different points, which is offered in this Project as instructional point location videos. Acupressure is pure, risk-free yet very powerful and highly effective healing method.


Food is something we continuously use to sustain our lives. Learning what foods are healing (and what disruptive) for ones condition has the potential to convert every meal into therapy! As we eat couple of times a day the food as medicine approach turns daily food consumption into multiple daily treatments that continuously better and benefit the persons physiology, vitality and emotionality. Food is also completely safe. It can be dangerous only if one has allergies or intolerance to certain  foods, which should be part of someone’s common sense. If healthcare practitioners use our applications to supplement their practice it is expected that they are familiar with their patient’s medical history and presence of food allergies thus can judge which of the suggested foods are good or not appropriate for their patients.


Acupressure and the food as medicine approach as treatment methods are present in every pathology discussed in the Project and are accessible for subscribers only.  Also before getting to these treatment methods there is always a short basic introduction to the pathology for better understanding.


Additionally we created specially designed tools that enable the health care practitioner (health conscious person) to incorporate and supplement the principles of traditional Chinese medicine in their health care practice and life. Here is a short overview of the additionally customized and specially designed four offers:


1) We designed 10 thorough symptom menus organized by Body Region and Organ System. The "Search by Symptom Database" is a specially designed tool that will enable one to find the underlying condition and the treatment of a symptom or disease from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine instantly without having to go through the vast amount of materials in the Project to discover that information. One will also learn instantly what foods and acupressure points benefit that condition. To see how "Search by Symptom Database" works click here


2) The second tool is called "Traditional Chinese Medicine as Basis for Treating Chronic Emotional Disharmony".  In traditional Chinese medicine 7 negative emotions such as anger, worry, sadness, fear are associated with the disharmony of a certain organ. Thus benefiting the organ that the emotion corresponds to will also balance and benefit the emotion. As mentioned above some of the methods to balance the organs and organ systems in TCM are with herbal medicine but also with food medicine, meaning that major negative emotions can be also approached with different foods. Here chronic negative emotions are approached not through the mental awareness but through the vitality and bio-chemistry. After selecting an emotion, and the underlying physical symptoms, one will learn what foods and food combinations (as well as acupressure points) are beneficial for the organ associated with the painful emotion and through that are beneficial to transform/release the painful emotion itself! Click here to see the application and get more detail.


3) The third tool is concerned with the human body as part of Nature's cycle rather than with the personal signs and symptoms. It is called the "Open Point Calculator". The "open point" is an acupuncture point that steadily changes and is calculated based on the data of an ancient Chinese healing system. According to this healing system stimulating the "open point" of the day and hour allows excess turbid energy to exit the body while deficient, scarce energy gets supplemented.


With the Open point calculator one can additionally learn at what time what organ is most active. There is a list of the body organs from which one can select the most active body organ and read about its physical and mental manifestations when it is in balance. One can best determine if this organ is in balance or not when it is in its peak/ during the time it is most active. If this organ is not in balance one can furhter read on about the organ's different pathologies and what foods and acupressure points address it.

To get a feel of how the calculator with its various options works click here


4) Last but not least we offer a list of more than 45 Point Location Videos to help easily locate the acupressure points appointed by the "Search By Symptom Database", "Treating Chronic Emotional Disharmony", "Open Point Calculator" and the treatment methods part in the materials in the project. To get an idea of what a Point Location Videos looks like click here





In conclusion, by subscribing to the customized branch of the Holosapiens project one will:


1. Have the ability to understand the current physical and emotional state of a patient, a loved one, or one's own, from the unique perspective of a 5000 year old Eastern healing art.


2. Have an ongoing ability to understand the underlying conditions of different symptoms, diseases and emotions.


3. Learn the acupressure points that address these conditions.


4. Discover what foods and spices are medicinal for these conditions.


5. Learn various relaxation techniques that balance these conditions – included at the end of the pathology materials.


6. Know at any time the continuously changing acupressure point called "open point", that unlocks the excess and supplements deficiency.


7. Know at what time of the day what body organ is most active, and determine what internal organs and systems are healthy or imbalanced.


8. Have the unique ability to be schooled in the convenience of ones home or private practice how to locate all acupressure points appointed in the above options, and - if one has the curiosity and desire - learn the rest of the most commonly used acupressure points that stimulate physical and emotional recovery, and restore balance.


So get a whole new perspective about the human being and health! Subscribe to the customized branch of the Holosapiens project!


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