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In traditional Chinese medicine the cause for "Liver blood deficiency" is general blood deficiency. Since one of the Liver functions is to store the blood a “general blood deficiency” will manifest predominantly in the Liver.

To have blood deficiency does not necessarily mean to have anemia. As a matter of fact there are lots of people with healthy blood lab tests who according to Chinese medicine would still be diagnosed as blood deficient.

There are different causes that lead to blood deficiency. One major cause is weak digestive system (collectively called "Spleen" in Chinese Medicine.) When the digestion (the Spleen) is weak it cannot sufficiently perform its transformative function - transforming food into blood and energy. Thus not enough blood is being produced. If this is the case the above blood deficiency symptoms are accompanied with some digestive issues like poor appetite and/or poor digestion.

A diet, which lacks insufficient nourishment, is another cause for the blood to become deficient. A third cause for blood deficiency is severe haemorrhage (bleeding).

If you want to learn more about the Liver and its functions from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine go to "The Liver in Chinese medicine" in the Physiology chapter.




A major symptom of blood deficiency is paleness. If there is pale face, pale lips, pale nails than the person is most likely blood deficient. Even to have pale tongue without other paleness means that there is blood deficiency.

Dizziness is another general blood deficiency sign (there is not enough blood to nourish the brain) as well as premature graying of the hair and/or thin, dry hair (not enough blood to nourish the hair)

Since there is not enough blood to nourish the muscles, tendons, and joints, some of the symptoms of blood deficiency are muscle weakness, muscle cramps, muscle spasms and/or numbness in the limbs.


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The Liver governs women’s menstrual cycle therefore Liver blood deficiency may result in scanty menstruation (amenorrhea) and painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea).

Since the Liver opens to the eyes and nails if there is liver blood deficiency the vision may be blurred, there may be floaters in the eyes, and the nails may be dry and cracked.




To treat blood deficiency blood needs to be build. The best way to do that is adding blood tonifying foods to the diet. If you want to read the rest of the article and learn the foods and acupressure points that are healing for this condition (as well as watch the instructional acupressure point location videos) you can do so by subscribing to the Customized options of this project. To learn the other benefits you will get as a subscriber click here.


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