Fear relates to the Kidney and consumes Kidney energy (Kidney Qi). As children experience fear more intense than adults, fear may manifest in bed-wetting as the Kidney governs the urological system.

Besides Kidney Qi fear also consumes Kidney Essence (learn about  Essence in the Vitality chapter). Essence determines the vitality and longevity in every person therefore consumption of Essence by fear may result in premature graying of hair as the Kidney opens to the hair. Essence on the other hand is part of Yin (matter/substance). Long-term fear may consume Kidney Yin, which will lead to excess Yang because the Yin-Yang relationship works like scales - when one is down the other is up and vice versa. As Yang is the warming principle of the body thus excess Yang will lead to generation of internal heat. Symptoms include heat in the face, night sweats, palpitations, dry mouth and throat, etc. To learn more about Yin and Yang and their relationship go to the Physiology chapter.

One way to counteract fear is to tonify Kidney Yin, Kidney Qi, and Kidney Essence. To learn more review the materials about the Kidney in the Physiology chapter.


Another way to counteract fear is love. People who are sufficiently loved, and/or have developed a loving attitude towards others and themselves, are generally fearless.




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