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The difference between fear and fright is that the latter has a sudden and unexpected nature while the former tends to be rather continuous and chronic.

Fright relates to the Kidney. The body takes from it's Essence (its vital storage) to supplement the sudden loss of energy occurred by an experience of fright.

The Kidney opens into the hair. As the hair relies on nourishment from Kidney Essence severe fright might turn the entire hair white in an instant, as the Essence, which nourishes the hair, will be completely consumed by the fright.

As fright severely disturbs the mind it also affects the Heart - in traditional Chinese medicine the Heart houses the mind. Thus fright consumes the energy of the Heart, causing severe heart palpitations.

The antidote to fright on a vital and physical levels is to generate strong Heart Qi and sufficient Kidney Essence (to learn more review the materials about the Heart and the Kidney in the Physiology chapter).


Another way to counteract fright is action. 




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