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A big part of humanity is devoted to religion or faith, in which the person’s existence is guided and dependent on an external entity. God, fate, luck, forces of nature, etc.  “take charge" and "responsibility" for people's lives, predetermining some or all of their further routes. People are required to worship, confess or pray to please an entity, perform rituals of sacrifices and devotion, often left with the feeling that they have not the ability to change anything and that their suffering is justified and well deserved. One is like a feather blown by unpredictable winds with no right of say and no power to change anything. All one has left is endurance.


Following the above observation it seems illogical that people consciously choose spiritual paths or views of such kind. They seem to be rather enslaving than liberating! But there is the other side of the coin - often people find it much easier instead of taking responsibility for their own actions to shift responsibility to someone or something else. If we suffer – it is because god teaches us a lesson not because we brought it on ourselves; if our friend is happy it is because he/she has had way too much luck but certainly not because he/she worked hard and was fearless in the choices he/she made.  No responsibility for our unhappiness and acknowledgement for the cause of others' happiness is practiced whatsoever.


It is transparent that when we have someone or something other than ourselves to be responsible for our actions, whether this is a conscious act or not, we do not have the ability (or the will) to govern our own life. The responsibility and together with it the power over our life belongs to someone or something else. Thus we perceive our life to be predetermined and coincidental, which makes us constantly feel frustrated, vulnerable, and helpless.  Ironically giving up the responsibility for our life brings nothing but chaos and unpredictability. With freedom comes responsibility but the opposite is also true - responsibility brings about freedom!


The law of cause and effect shifts the responsibility, i.e. the management of our life back into our possession. It is a simple and logical way of understanding how the most fundamental law of nature regulates and balances our life depending on our previous choices. As we gain an understanding of this universal logic we will learn to become conscious and responsible for each of our words, thoughts, and actions. We will now know that non-hurtful deeds will condition our future to be pleasant, and practice self-control. We will also bravely take responsibility for our previous hurtful actions and look for useful and practical teachings to transform their causes. The drama of the every day life will gradually disappear because we now know that although the present (pleasant or not) is an outcome of our past choices we own the potential to affect our future! Thus applying the law of causality in every day life by developing self-awareness and self-control will gradually take us out of our daily sense of frustration and helplessness, and point to a path of liberation.




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