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Stomach Cold


  • over-consumption of cold foods and drinks
  • prolonged exposure to climatic cold


In Traditional Chinese Medicine the syndrome “cold in Stomach” is caused by over-consumption of "cold" foods and "cold" drinks such as ice cream, icy cold drinks, raw fruits and vegetables, and everything that is consumed directly out of the refrigerator. "Cold in the Stomach" may be also caused by prolonged exposure to external climatic cold.

If you want to learn more about the stomach and its functions from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine  go to "The Stomach in Traditional Chinese Medicine" in the Physiology chapter.




  • severe sharp pain in the Stomach
  • vomiting of clear fluids
  • loose stools
  • constantly feeling cold


Whenever there is “internal coldness” there is pain. Thus major symptom for “cold in Stomach” is sharp, severe pain, which gets worse with consuming some of the above “cold” foods. Vomiting of clear fluids is possible as well as loose stools (no warmth/energy to restrain the stomach and intestinal substances). There is ongoing overall feeling of cold, which may be more predominant in the Stomach area and in the extremities.




Hot soups and teas should be consumed to immediately warm the Stomach and the whole body. 


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Food Therapy


Food therapy is the most economical and non-toxic biochemical approach to illness and disease. Food is something we continuously use to sustain our lives. Learning what foods are healing (and what disruptive) for each condition has the potential to convert every meal into therapy.   


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