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Rebelious Stomach Qi


  • sudden and excessive emotions


Note: To understand the term "Qi", thus to get a better grasp about the following pathology, we encourage our readers to review the short material "What is Qi" in the Vitality chapter.

In traditional Chinese medicine the Qi flow of the Stomach is essential for carrying out the difficult task of digestion. After the proteins are broken down in the Stomach the food enters the Small Intestine for additional disintegration and absorption. A healthy Stomach Qi always flows downwards as this is the direction the food should follow after it is processed by the Stomach.  When the Qi changes directions, i.e. ceases to flow downward but instead starts flowing upward, it becomes “rebellious Qi”.

The causes for “rebellious Qi” are most often sudden and excessive emotions, which interfere with the healthy descending of the Stomach energy.

If you want to learn more about the stomach and its functions from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine go to "The Stomach in Chinese medicine" in the Physiology chapter.




  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • hiccup
  • belching


Signs of rebellious Stomach Qi are nausea and vomiting (the food is going upward instead of downward). Other signs of rebellious Qi are hiccup and belching.





The treatment of this pathology is predominantly through the vital/energy level of the body. The goal is to direct the Stomach Qi back to its healthy downward direction. One can do that by gently caressing the Stomach area, starting with the upper part of the Stomach and moving down. Once down the hand needs to be placed back on the upper Stomach area, instead of sliding the hand back up. Doing this exercise repeatedly will redirect the Stomach Qi to its healthy flow direction.


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