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The Gall Bladder is the partner organ of the Liver. In traditional Chinese medicine the Liver is compared to an army general. Just like an army general on the field the Liver is the strategist in the proper advancement of body functions, ensuring the smooth flow and proper direction of Qi. Thus the Liver is the origin of courage, confidence and determination that governs our capacity to plan our life. Being the Liver’s partner organ “the Gall Bladder is the upright official that takes decisions” (pg. 116) Thus in Chinese medicine the Gall Bladder is responsible for the ability to make decisions.



Official Who Makes Decisions



People with healthy Gall Bladders are initiative, decisive and not afraid to make changes. On the other hand people with deficient Gall Bladders are indecisive and easily discouraged. (1)

On a physiological level the Liver produces bile to aid the digestion, which is stored and secreted by the Gall Bladder. The bile is a bitter dark green to yellowish brown fluid, that aids the process of digestion of lipids in the Small Intestine. When eating the bile is discharged in the first part of the Small Intestine, called duodenum. There together with the pancreas, which releases bicarbonate and digestive enzymes, the bile aids the breakdown and absorption of food. Thus the Liver/Gall Bladder partnership plays an essential role in the digestion and has a close relationship with the Spleen/Stomach partnership. A deficient Gall Bladder will manifest in some digestive issues such as nausea and belching, as the food is not being sufficiently processed.

Another function of the Liver/Gall Bladder partnership is to nourish the sinews. The difference between the two organs, though, is that the Liver nourishes the sinews with blood, while the Gall Bladder nourishes the sinews with Qi, contributing for their vitality. (1)


If you feel that your Gall Bladder is in disharmony please review the following material and learn some of traditional Chinese medicine's healing approaches with foods and acupressure.

Damp-Heat in the Gall Bladder



(1) Maciocia, Giovanni (1989). The Foundations of Chinese Medicine. Nanjing: Harcourt Publishers Limited


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