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Since Yang in nature represents activity it logically represents energy/warming faculty in the human body. Since Yin in nature represents stillness it represents the material aspect in the human body. In other words Yin represents matter, blood and body fluids, while Yang is the force that makes them come to live.

There is good health when Yin and Yang are in balance (i.e. energy and matter are in balance). When there is deficiency of Yin Yang instantly becomes excessive. Thus Yin deficiency means that the matter/substance of the organ is deficient and the energy/warming principle of the organ is in excess.

Each organ in our body has Yin and Yang. When Yang remains excessive for a longer period of time the excess energy of the organ will turn into "heat". Depending on which organ has generated heat the symptoms vary from red face, abnormal sweating, thirst, restlessness, etc.

When Yin remains excessive for a longer period of time there is not enough energy to move and transform, slowing organ processes down, which eventually will lead to the development of "internal cold" or "internal dampness". Symptoms of cold or dampness depending on the organ involved include lack of energy, apathy, a sensation of heaviness in the hands and feet, cloudy head, coldness, etc.

Certainly there are different stages and levels in every Yin and Yang pathology. The examples mentioned are just a small fragment of the countless symptoms our body and body organs may develop when Yin and Yang are not in balance.




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