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Q. Why do I need to subscribe?

A. By subscribing you are supporting the future development of the project. We do not have any advertisements on any of the pages of the project, nor do we force any pop-ups or distractions while you are visiting. However this limits the avenues by which we can grow and develop the content both free and for subscribers, that is why there is a paid subscription to the project.


Q. Do I need to be an expert in TCM to be able to use the applications provided in the subscription part of the project?

A. Absolutely not! The goal of the project is to be accessible by anyone who has interest or is curious about traditional Chinese medicine. You do not have to be a TCM practitioner or even be familiar with the TCM concepts and terminology to use the applications, this is how easy it is! This being said, the applications have the necessary depth and are also used by medical and TCM practitioners worldwide.


Q. I need help with the applications, what do I do?

A. Just drop us an email, we will be happy to help. You can do that on the Contact page of the project.


Q. I like the project, how can I help support it?

A. You could help by sharing the content of the site with your friends and colleagues. This will ensure the future development of the project, and could be easily done in every article with the provided Facebook or Tweeter share buttons, we will be thankful for that.


Q. After a while my bookmarks don’t show...

A. To keep your bookmarks permanently on the site you need to be a subscriber. If you are a guest to the project the bookmarks are stored with cookies in your browser, so if you clear your browser's history they will be deleted too.


Q. I am worried about the safety of my data while browsing the project

A. Your connection to the project is encrypted at all times and on all pages. Your browsing history while on the site, application usage, submission forms and your bookmarks are only visible to you and no one else.


Try Our TCM Food Therapy Programs:





Food Therapy for Women's Health 

Honor Woman Sm

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Food Therapy for Children's Health 

Child For Yin And Yang2 

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Food Therapy for Chronic Emotional Disharmony 


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Food Therapy for Body Pain and Inflammation


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Seasonal Menu (New!)

Dq21158003 Z

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Acupressure Therapy Programs 

    Included in all of the above options as well as:


Open Point Calculator


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Acupressure Point Location Videos

Kin Head Meridian

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