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If you have been reading our latest posts you will know that the Spleen in Chinese medicine refers to the digestive system (the latter part of it to be more specific) rather than the anatomical organ spleen. Thus when we say Spleen in TCM – we think about the digestion.

The Spleen likes warm and dry. This is because the Spleen needs a lot of energy to transform and transport the nutrients from the food to the rest of the body. Warm temperature promotes energy (the water in a pot will stay still, but when we put it on the stove – add heat - it will boil, i.e. start moving, exemplifying energy). Dryness allows energy to flow faster, easier and more uninterrupted. In dry climate it is easier to exercise (use energy/ generate energy) rather than in damp climate. Thus warm and dry internal environment is beneficial for the Spleen/the Middle/the digestion. On the other hand cold and damp internal environment will start taking away from the Spleen’s energy leading to Qi deficiency and later on to “internal dampness”.

We have two materials on the Project that will tell you in detail the causes and symptoms of Spleen Qi deficiency and Dampness in the Spleen:…/deficiency-of-spleen-energy


Warmth For Spleen

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