"Acupuncture refers to the practice of inserting fine metal needles into specific locations on the body in order to stimulate the body's own natural healing processes."


"First, it should be understood that acupuncture works according to the same laws that run everything in the universe. Without going into a detailed description of quantum physics, you should just know that something which has mass (structure, substance) also has energy, and mass erects a force (gravity) on all of the other objects in its vicinity. The amount of force erected depends directly on the amount of its mass. Space tells matter how to move, and matter tells space how to curve. Mass here affects inertia elsewhere. The tangible expressions of these universal laws only change relative to scale. The shape of a galaxy is determined by the gravitational field erected by all its members and the massive object at its center, speculated to be a black hole. This massive object erects a gravitational field effect on and in participation with all other stars, planets and other bodies in its domain, warping space and fashioning the shape of their respective orbits.






Your entire body is made up of mass with its energy moving at different frequencies. The more solid appearing structures such as bones and muscles are made up of molecules, which move at slower rates of speed than the liquids like blood and lymph, or the electrical impulses, which flow along nerves. Your organs are the densest accumulations of mass in the body, and therefore contain the densest accumulation of stored energy. The fields of these organs attract the materials, which become bones, muscles, blood, lymph, or skin. Your body is shaped the way it is because the energetic fields of the organs are shaped that way.


In a planetary system, in which the planets all have gravitational influences on each other, the addition of another planet will change the orbits of all of the others influenced by this change. The insertion of the acupuncture needle has the same effect on the body by “changing the field” of the organ it influences". Source


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