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The idea of this project is to engage in the "holos" consciousness of health and nature of the Far East - particulary China - and share the collected experience with the curious and open Western mind. The aim of the project is to enrich medical experts and overall health conscious people in their awareness about health by adding yet another perspective to their knowledge - the Chinese medicine holistic perspective. The information in the project is presented in a way that anyone with curiosity about this perspective (yet with little or no former exposure to it) could effortlessly grasp the content and gain knowledge and benefit.

In order to create a better understanding about the all-encompassing view of Chinese medicine and to also help our readers navigate through the project easier, we built the project into six chapters. Human health is observed from a physiological and emotional but also from an ecological, bio-chemical, and vital aspects, which together help create a more wholesome and complete view of the human being. These five aspects correspond to five  chapters: “Ecology”, “Materia Medica”, “Physiology”, “Vitality”, and "Mentality". It is important to never view any of these aspects/chapters as separate or independent from one another as the human being is largely complicated and unable to be defined by some or all of its manifestations. The function of these aspects in this project is to create yet another angle that points to the richness and complexity of the human being, and in no way to divide, separate, reduce or solely define the wholeness of the former.

There is an additional sixth chapter “Kitchen medicine”. This is a friendly blog devoted to incorporating Chinese medicine into our daily eating and cooking habits.


One of our goals is to strip the East from its wrongly understood mystical and unscientific image and bring its wisdom closer to the contemporary Western mind. Yet it is a challenge to convert the specifics of the East in “contemporary Western language” while also ensuring that the essence and integrity of the former are well preserved. The East and the West are two entirely different worlds. Yet they are both logical in their own unique way. Therefore we will rely on logic to bring the two closer together. In this attempt we will persistently look for fresh and contemporary ways to channel the wording while remaining close and loyal to the source. Thus the content of the project will be fluid and undergo ongoing revisions in search for the most accurate and acceptable interpretation.

All information is attempted to be logically explained and scientifically grounded, yet to be terminology-free as much as possible in order to avoid annoyance or intimidation.

The project has two directions – reading/educational and advanced/customized. The reading/educational part is absolutely free and the curious reader will find numerous materials about health from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, all organized in the chapter that corresponds to their topic. You can access the materials by clicking on any of the above subjects/chapters and then select the material that you want to read about.

The advanced/customized part of this project requires paid subscription. It is intended for medical personnel (as well as health conscious people) who want to use this project to enrich their medical practice. You can read what options we developed for our subscribtion users  here.


Thank you for your time and interest in our project!

The Holosapiens Team

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