To get a better understanding on how the different seasons and climatic factors affect children's health it would be helpful to review the material Acute Illnesses - The Role of the Five Elements first.


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  • headache
  • thirst
  • sweating
  • aversion to heat
  • dry lips


  • sunstroke symptoms - early stage - headache, dehydration, sensation of being sick, fever
  • sunstroke symptoms - later stage - hot and dry skin, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, muscle cramps, headache, nausea, confusion dizziness - dangerous, seek medical help immediately!
  • sunburn symptoms - red, painful skin
  • heat mingled with dampness - diarrhea


Summerheat relates to the season summer. It is the only external evil that invades only in its own season.The main symptoms of summerheat attack are headache (the nature of heat is to flare upward thus when the heat invades the body symptoms manifest in the head), dry lips, thirst, aversion to heat, sweating.


The well known illness during hot summer is sunstroke, also known as heatstroke. In an early stage of sunstroke there is dehydration which manifests in headache and general sensation of being sick. Fever may be present. Later stage of sunstroke manifests in hot and dry skin, rapid heartbeat and pulse, no sweating, rapid breathing, increase in body temperature, muscle cramps, headaches, nausea, confusion and dizziness. In this instance search for medical assistance immediately!


In the cases of sunstroke it is essential to hydrate the body as soon as possible. Drinking a lot of water is the first step. A great remedy that can help with hydration, and is also used in Chinese medicine for summerheat patterns, is watermelon. It quickly cools down the internal heat and hydrates the body. Another cold and hydrating food is cucumber.  (1) Adding some mint in fresh squeezed lemonade will additionally cool down and hydrate the child. Arranging a cool dim environment is essential as heat and intense light can worsen the condition. Putting a cold compress on the top of the child's head and on its forehead is helpful. The quality of heat is to flare upward, which causes headache. Cooling the heat from the head with a cold compress will bring about relief. 


Appropriate acupressure points for this condition are Large Intestine 11 and Stomach 44, which intensely clear heat from the body. Some ice cubes may be placed on these points to help speed up the cooling process. If you want to watch the instructional point location videos for these points you can do so by subscribing to the customized part of this project. To learn more click here.


If the child’s skin is being exposed and unprotected during intense heat there may be sunburn.  Applying cucumber juice or yogurt on the sunburn area will bring about relief.


Appropriate acupressure point for sunburn is Large Intestine 11. Besides clearing heat from the body this point also clears heat from the skin.


Since the humidity in summer is high, as heat makes water vaporize, during summer the heat tends to mingle with the dampness. Then the physiological symptoms become a compilation between heat and damp and manifest in diarrhea. To  stop diarrhea rice water can be used (the residue water in which rice is boiled in), which is a natural remedy that benefits that condition.  Acupressure points good for diarrhea due to summerheat are Stomach 40 and Spleen 9.




(1) Pitchford, Paul (2002). Healing with Whole Foods. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books


Note:  These healing methods are compiled from the author's perspective of traditional Chinese medicine and her personal experience as a parent. Nevertheless it is essential that you stay in touch with and consult your  pediatrician at all times! Please read our Disclaimer!


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